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Important Steps for Creating the Perfect Houston Car Wraps

The right Houston car wraps can help your vehicle stand out from the crowd to serve as mobile advertising machines for your company. These advanced graphics solutions are ideal for businesses with a fleet of vehicles and a need to expand their visibility in the local marketplace. Understanding the steps that go into your Houston commercial graphics application can help you make the right choices for your corporate needs. Here are some of the most important steps your Houston fleet graphics company will perform when creating your custom car wraps.

Making Design Choices

During your initial consultation with your Houston commercial graphics company, you will discuss the type of material and the overall design you want for your vehicles. If your fleet includes different makes and models, you may need to approve several different designs to accommodate the differences in vehicle shapes and sizes. Your design team will work closely with you to ensure that you are happy with the finished products. Bright colors and eye-catching designs are essential to ensure the greatest degree of success and visibility among current and prospective customers.

Fabricating the Wrap

The fabrication process involves transferring the images from a computer program directly onto a vinyl surface. The quality of the vinyl material and the durability of the ink are both important factors in determining the longevity and the appearance of your Houston fleet graphics. The technicians at your commercial graphics company will use specialized large-scale equipment to apply color and text to your wraps and to cut them to the appropriate size for your fleet vehicles. By investing in top-quality materials and processing, you can ensure the best and most eye-appealing results for your fleet wrap project.

Preparing the Vehicle

Before your Houston fleet graphics can be applied to your vehicle, a thorough cleaning must be performed to remove any grit, dirt or other particulate matter that could affect the application process. Every inch of the exterior of your vehicles must be cleaned and prepared to ensure clean and bubble-free results. The preparation process involves removing any wax buildup and chemicals adhering to the surface of the vehicle. Depending on the size and number of the vehicles you are planning to have wrapped, this process may take a few days to complete.

Installing and Trimming

Once the outside of your fleet vehicle is spotless and chemical free, your Houston fleet graphics professionals will carefully apply your vinyl car wrap. This process requires steady hands and a great deal of experience to ensure that each wrap provides flawless coverage for your vehicles. Any excess vinyl will be trimmed away at this time to create the most streamlined look for your fleet. Choosing an established Houston commercial graphics company can help you enjoy greater peace of mind when planning your custom fleet wrap activities.

Sealing the Deal

Since most car and truck wrap materials contain memory PVC, heating up the vehicle wrap material can help to set these vinyl wraps permanently and prevent them from warping while on your fleet cars, trucks or vans. Your fleet graphics professionals will ensure that all areas of your car wraps reach the recommended temperature to seal in their current configurations and to keep your vehicles looking good and promoting your products and services effectively.

At Display Graphics, we take pride in providing you with the best Houston car wraps and fleet solutions in the industry. Our fleet graphics design and installation team can help you create the most beautiful and eye-appealing mobile advertisements for your company. To learn more about our full lineup of commercial graphics services or to schedule an appointment for a consultation with our professional design team, contact us today at 713-977-7888. We look forward to the chance to serve all your Houston commercial graphics needs.


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