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Wall Art – Custom Wall Coverings

Custom Wall Art - Galveston-Train-MuseumAt Display Graphics, we specialize in large-scale printing projects that allow you to customize your interior spaces, add advertising power to your vehicle fleet and enhance your marketing strategies in the Houston marketplace. Our team of design and printing experts can create custom wall art and wallpaper graphics for your commercial enterprise or private residence. From large-scale promotional posters to exclusive wall treatments, we can provide you with the design solutions needed to give your retail space the WOW factor it needs.

Wall Art to Suit Your Unique Needs

Restaurants, hotels and other service enterprises depend on a welcoming and inviting atmosphere to attract customers and ensure repeat business. At Display Graphics, we can create custom wall art and coverings and art giclée pieces to enhance the beauty of your retail premises and to create the perfect surroundings for your guests and customers. In the office environment, our commercial wallpaper and wall art designs can make a positive impression on vendors, guests and employees. From photographic reproductions to fine art pieces, Display Graphics can help you make the most of your interior spaces with brilliant large-scale printing creations completed to your precise specifications.

In the Residential Environment

Custom wallpaper and wall art installations can transform your Houston home into a real reflection of your personal style and preferences. The design team at Display Graphics will work with you to determine the right size, configuration and image for your wall art or wallpaper. We will then manufacture your wall treatments and install them, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful new look for your interior spaces. These high-quality installations can enhance your quality of life while potentially increasing the value of your real estate property at the time of resale.

Custom Wall Coverings and More

As a leader in the Houston commercial graphics field, Display Graphics offers a full line of large-scale printing services that include hotel wallpaper, fine art and photographic reproductions for interior décor, fleet graphics and car wraps, outdoor and indoor event signage and a wide range of other signs and graphics design capabilities for commercial and residential applications. Our skilled technicians can provide start-to-finish support for retail signage needs and can help your company remain in compliance with all requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. At Display Graphics, we are committed to providing the highest quality printing services at the most affordable prices for our valued customers.

If you need custom wall art for your commercial or residential property, Display Graphics can work with you to manufacture and install the perfect ornamental and promotional images for your interior design plans. We have more than 30 years of experience in the Houston commercial graphics industry. This high degree of expertise allows us to provide our customers with the most attractive and elegant wall art solutions at affordable prices. To learn more about our full lineup of wall art and wallpaper options, give us a call at 713-977-7888. We look forward to hearing from you.